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A collaboration plan with Nagai Designs which deals with helmet original paint of a domestic and abroad top racer.

It's achieved in KOOTA again! The Angel design which catches eye is a mast bye!

The wet suit is coolest.The degree of dressing up is Max Co. by foot white. Sand avoidance RAIKURA standard equipment.

The life jacket put together?By the type to put it on, even a front hook and both are KIMARU!

Which are the authorization items which can be used as prescribed equipment.





■ About unsupplied goods■
* As soon as it's received about unsupplied goods at present, it'll be reservation purchase of shipping off in sequence.
As soon as it's received, I'll inform you in "shipping off notice mail".
* In case of other goods with stock and simultaneous purchase,
it's shipped off at the same time in a comment space and it's received at the time of a settlement, shipping off ahead of the goods .
Please enter your request. When there are no comments, it's shipped off from even goods and it's added up.
* The shipping charge when being another shipping off, will be customer's burden.
(When the total amount exceeds \USD500.00, the first time shipment part is free.)

■ Advice■
● Return after your order and a cancellation exchange aren't being accepted at all, so please accept it beforehand.
● It's sometimes different from an actual one in the color depending on the condition of the monitor's coloring.

■ About shortage of goods■
● An actual store and other net shoppings are being sold to all goods which appear.
● As soon as I'll take your order, stock is secured, but please pardon the clause of the sold-out.


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