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The latest rush railroad overpass.

[The long sleeve type]The effective material of the stretch and thread are used.

A UV cut is already processed.

It has abundant size development and I make a spectacular showing at any time of the year around.






------notice-----■ About unsupplied goods■* As soon as it's received about unsupplied goods at present, it'll be reservation purchase of shipping off in sequence.As soon as it's received, I'll inform you in "shipping off notice mail".* In case of other goods with stock and simultaneous purchase,it's shipped off at the same time in a comment space and it's received at the time of a settlement, shipping off ahead of the goods .Please enter your request. When there are no comments, it's shipped off from even goods and it's added up.* The shipping charge when being another shipping off, will be customer's burden.(When the total amount exceeds \USD500.00, the first time shipment part is free.)■ Advice■● Return after your order and a cancellation exchange aren't being accepted at all, so please accept it beforehand.● It's sometimes different from an actual one in the color depending on the condition of the monitor's coloring.■ About shortage of goods■● An actual store and other net shoppings are being sold to all goods which appear.● As soon as I'll take your order, stock is secured, but please pardon the clause of the sold-out.


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